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The Flagship School

helping children to
realise their
full potential

About Us

The Flagship School will be a special school for pupils from year 3 to year 11, who have the capacity to reach age related expectation yet whose neuro-diverse profiles alongside additional social, emotional and mental health result in significant barriers to learning.

Our aim is to enable all pupils who attend The Flagship School to make excellent progress academically, therapeutically and socio-behaviourally, preparing them for full, independent lives.

Our vision for The Flagship School is one where empowered and well-supported teachers, therapists, learning support assistants and support staff work in partnership with parents and carers to enable pupils to experience a high quality, exciting and integrated curriculum designed to meet their individual needs and learning styles. Therapeutic interventions, tailored to address each pupil’s communication, social and additional needs will be embedded within all aspects of the curriculum and wider life of the school.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We aim to provide a holistic learning environment which has high aspirations for all of our children and where they can realise their full potential.

The Flagship School aims to:

maximise potential

offer an exciting curriculum

address individual needs

provide a holistic environment

help students move on to further education or work

Our Vision

Core Values

High expectations of all pupils; At Key Stage 2 and 3, a robust approach to English, maths and science will be delivered alongside cross curriculum termly or half termly projects. Click here to read more
Core Values

Career Opportunities

The Flagship School is recruiting now. See 'Career Opportunities' for latest recruitment information.

Flagship News


The Flagship School is currently in the pre-opening stage of its development. When we have finalised our build, we will set out our location and contact details. In the meantime, if you would like to get in touch, please email us at the address below.