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Forest School

We have been using part of the back fields of the school to run a forest school for the students.
Forest school helps the children 
  • Develop self-regulation skills
  • Cope with and learn from failure
  • Build resilience (the skill of coping with risk and failure)
  • Gain a sense of achievement
  • Increase motivation and concentration
  • Improve problem solving
  • Develop turn taking skills 
  • Participate in group work 

The children have worked hard and enjoy activities such as:

  • Making mini fires 
  • Cooking on open fires
  • Making mud monsters/creations 
  • Understand that knives are a tool not a weapon 
  • Basic forest school whittling 


A mud animal
Whittling sticks



Cooking food on an open fire


Making Smores


It’s a relaxed atmosphere that allows the children to interact with each other and engage in activities outside.
"You can't bounce off the walls if there are no walls: outdoor schools make kids happier - and smarter."
David Sobel