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  • Latest News Summer 2021

    Published 27/07/21


    We are nearly there! We are delighted to let you know that The Flagship School has successfully completed our Pre-Opening Ofsted Inspection and our Readiness to Open Meeting. It may seem surprising to learn that a school that has not opened, has no building, nor pupils in classrooms can have an Ofsted inspection. We completed that milestone and that allowed us to proceed to our equally successful Readiness to Open Meeting which was held earlier this month. We are therefore very happy to let you know that we will be opening as planned in September 2021. We have our Principal, Assistant Principal and School Business Manager in post. We have recruited our teachers, our therapist, our secretary and teaching assistants. More recruitment is underway. Our small team is continuing to grow.

    We will open in the refurbished tower block with 24 pupils in the first year from year groups 5, 6, 7 and 8. More pupils will join each year until we have our full complement of pupils; 74 pupils from year 3 to year 11, in classes of 8 pupils.

    We have been very busy planning the décor, furnishings and flooring in the school. The refurbishment has started. We have set up all our systems ready for September. We have involved pupils in the planning of the playground. We have a new website which go live in August.

    Our Principal, Stephanie Salter, has already hosted several open evenings and has visited pupils, parents and carers. Teachers and pupils have met online. We have a seaside BBQ planned in August for pupils, parents, carers, staff and trustees. We are all getting to know each other.

    This has been a long journey for the Flagship School Trust, that I began in 2015, persuading a small group of parents and professionals to join me in developing our ideas and East Sussex County Council to back us, setting up the Trust and working hard, as a great team, to jump through a whole raft of hurdles to be able to persuade the Department of Education to fund the build of the school. We are thrilled that the pre-opening work has been so successful as we approach the end of that stage. We will be holding an official opening event in the autumn term. Keep an eye on the website for details.

    Future newsletters will be written by Stephanie, the school staff and pupils. The flagship Trust will be contributing to newsletters. We wish all the new school staff, pupils, parents, and carers a warm welcome and look forward to seeing you all in September.

    Have a lovely summer!

    Helen Kay

    Chair of Trustees, The Flagship School

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  • Latest News Autumn 2020

    Published 15/07/21

    Great news! The Flagship School has now been given a confirmed opening date of September 2021. Everything is on track. Building work is due to start after the temporary Covid-10 testing centre moves off the site in January 2021. We will have a brand new school building in Hastings that has been specifically designed for our Flagship pupils.

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  • Latest News Spring 2020

    Published 15/07/21

    Following our successful bid to open a new free special school in Hastings, and securing a site on The Ridge, the Trustees have been very busy working with architects, planning departments and the DfE to secure a planned opening for The Flagship School , which we hope will take place in September 2021. Capital funding has been agreed by Ministers. Building is planned to start later this year. We are currently seeking a Project Manager to work with the Trustees to manage the building project and the setting up of The Flagship School. The advertisement is under the Career Opportunities tab.

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  • Latest News Autumn 2019

    Published 15/07/21

    We are delighted to announce that we have finally secured a site for the Flagship School, it will be located on part of the Helenswood Academy Upper School site, on the Ridge. We have also had agreement from Ministers for the capital funding for the School. This will enable us to have a brand-new school building, a purpose-built special school. The trustees have looked at the site, and we are confident it will provide an outstanding location for The Flagship School.

    The school will be catering for pupils who have high functioning ASD and/or a range of associated social, emotional and mental health difficulties, living in the Hastings or Rother area of East Sussex.

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  • Latest News Summer 2019

    Published 24/06/21

    Following our successful bid to open a new free special school in Hastings, The Flagship School Trustees have been very busy moving forward with the next stages in the project, and are currently discussing the design of the new school with architects. It is a very exciting stage, seeking to bring to fruition the original plan for a school to accommodate 56 pupils aged 9-16 with high functioning autism and pupils with social, behavioural and communication difficulties.

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